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Wolf Unleashed

Cover art for Wolf UnleashedWerewolves are kept as slaves. Exploited to perform dangerous labour, or kept as exotic pets by rich sadists who want a status symbol, werewolves have no rights.

When Crystal’s brother is bitten by a rogue werewolf, her family is advised to think of him as dead. But she refuses to forget him.

Looking for news from within the werewolf community leads her to purchase Thomas, a rebellious werewolf with a string of abusive former owners. Crystal and Thomas must learn to trust each other enough to help solve each other’s problems. Together, they can work to build a movement aimed at bringing rights and justice to all.

This is an urban fantasy, paranormal romance with a difference. It teems with intersectional issues of race, gender, and sexual identity. This is a story of injustice and anger, of love and compassion, of rebellion and hope.

Child of the Hive

Child of the Hive cover

Will is different… ‘special’. He’s a genius at maths and even though he’s still at school studying for his A levels, he lives on his own in a dingy, run-down bed-sit and has to work at night to support himself. But there’s something more that sets him apart – something he has to keep hidden from everyone, even his friends. Otherwise, he risks blowing his cover or, worse, losing his life…

Sophie is ‘special’ too. Deep in the bowels of a secret government facility she spends her days colouring in seemingly unfathomable patterns on endless sheets of graph paper, never speaking a word. To those around her she seems like a simpleton, but little do they suspect that she, like them, is fighting a secret war – a war against the deadly organization known as the Hive.

Set in a Britain of the near future, Child of the Hive is both a tense sci-fi thriller and a gripping philosophical exploration of what it means to be human in a world of ever-increasing technological sophistication.

The Shadows of Tomorrow series

Shadows of Tomorrow

Shadows of Tomorrow by Jessica Meats

Earth is at war. Portals are opening across the planet and bringing creatures known as Outsiders. Their only desire is to eat, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. The only people who can stop them are the Defenders – led by Gareth Walker – who can open portals of their own to target the Outsiders in minutes. Gareth’s only advantage is an ability to see glimpses of his future.

For the past decade the Defenders have held back the incursion, but now a new portal opens, bringing something that Gareth did not see coming. As he must find a way to stop this new threat, he starts a quest for answers. He must learn how the war began and find a way to stop them once and for all.

All the while, he is aware of a shadow in his future – a moment he can’t see past. Will stopping the Outsiders cost him everything?

Between Yesterdays

Between Yesterdays by Jessica Meats

The Defenders have to fight for their lives, and their world, on a daily basis. Whether it’s to defend against insatiably hungry mutations that don’t feel pain, or the well-meaning but ignorant Linears, they cannot rest until peace reigns. They have been fighting for so long they are not sure whether peace will ever be possible again.

When a young woman arrives, claiming to be sent from the future to help them, the Defenders must determine if this is just another trap.



The Codename Omega series

Omega Rising

Omega Rising by Jessica Meats

Jenny Harding has no money, no qualifications and no career history. A job working security for a big tech firm seems too good to be true. Maybe it is.

She is tasked with hunting down a group of thieves who have been stealing sensitive technology. Caught up in a battle involving alien forces, Jenny has some important questions to answer:
Who are the thieves?
What’s their real purpose?
And is she on the right side?


Traitor in the Tower

Traitor in the Tower by Jessica Meats

Jenny Harding, codename Omega, barely escaped from Grey’s Tower with her life. Going back in is more dangerous still. The mysterious Nuke has asked Jenny to resume her employment with Grey’s Tower: to spy on them from the inside, to uncover their secrets.

Surrounded by people who don’t trust her, with her every move being watched, Jenny has never felt more alone. In this hostile environment, the line between enemy and ally is blurred. Set in modern-day York, this sci-fi novella carries on the adventure begun in Omega Rising.


Hidden in the Signal

Hidden in the Signal coverThose who oppose Grey’s Tower tend to end up missing or dead. Jenny’s friend Matt vanished while trying to uncover the Tower’s secrets. Jenny has promised to discover what happened to him, and she must keep those she loves from facing the same fate.

Meanwhile there is another threat looming. An alien spaceship is heading for Earth. Jenny and her allies must find a way to stop it but there may be another danger nearer to hand. Someone close to Jenny is keeping secrets – secrets that might hold the key to the spaceship’s mission, to Matt’s disappearance, and to what their enemies have planned.


Short Fiction

Mischief Corner Books 5th QuarterlyMy short story, Reading Between the Lines, is included in Mischief Corner Books’ fifth quarterly magazine. In this story, two teenaged boys find love through their mutual passion for books.





The Adventures of Technicality Man

The Adventures of Technicality Man coverEveryone knows how the stories are supposed to go. The good guys win in the end, the hero ends up with the designated love interest, and the plucky band of misfits pulls together to save the world.

But what happens when a villain targets the nature of stories themselves? All the tropes that the heroes have come to rely on are under threat.

Technicality Man and his trusty companion Continuity Leopard must join forces with a group of minor heroes to save the day. They won’t let any barrier stop them. Not even the fourth wall.

A Monster’s Kindness

A Monster's Kindness cover artLong ago, the village of Shrind sacrificed people to the monsters in the forest. Now the howling has started again, and a village elder has chosen Parton to be the next sacrifice.

Left to die for having shared a kiss with the elder’s son, Parton receives more compassion from the supposed monster than from those who had been his friends and neighbours. In the heart of the woods, learning to accept himself may be a harder lesson than learning to accept the monster.

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